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Their healing begins with your donation.

Equine Assisted Activities
SPC Kyle Thomas Yerian


Empowering military veterans and police officers through faith, therapeutic horseback riding and other equine assisted activities by focusing on one’s ability rather than disability.


Camp Liberty. Inc is dedicated to the memory of SPC Kyle Thomas Yerian,

United States Army.

January 22,1992 - March 02, 2018

Robert, U.S. Army Veteran

"Camp Liberty has been a tremendous support system for me in my journey. Could not have a better group of guys to help each other.
It is truly a brotherhood."

SSGT Murray, USAF (Retired)

"You've done more than I could believe. I was stuck in limbo trying to find a purpose in life after the military. I connected with Camp Liberty and now I have back the ethos I lost"


Welcome to Camp Liberty, Inc! We assist military veterans and those sworn to serve and protect with their personal journey towards healing by providing Therapeutic Horseback Riding (THR) and other equine assisted activities free

of charge.


Our Equine Assisted Activity (EAA) programs facilitates relationships and emotional bonding between veterans or police officers and their horse.


Equine-Assisted Activities Harnesses the Power of the Horse
as a Pathway to Self-Discovery and Growth

Horses are extremely sensitive and perceptive beings, by learning how to approach, communicate with and effectively guide their horse, participants also learn how to better understand and guide one’s self. Horses provide emotional, cognitive, social and physical benefits which can increase self-esteem, self-worth, trust for others and significantly reduce depression, anxiety and self-inflicting thoughts.

Program graduates are encouraged to volunteer with Camp Liberty and help better prepare their horse for its role in providing therapy to others that we serve in the community.



  • Therapeutic Riding with the purpose of positively impacting the participants life with the physical, social and emotional therapeutic benefits of horses – to help veterans adjust to their post-military lives.

  • Unmounted or Ground Activities – for those unable to ride.


  • Professional counseling available upon request. 

Programs run from mid-May through September.

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